How To Generate R262 494.68 P/M
In Sales Using Facebook’s Ad Platform

presented by Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Here Is What You Will Learn During This Webinar:

  • How To Explode Your Leads, Clients And Profits With Facebook Ads
  • Why Facebook Is The Most Cost Effective Marketing Platform For Entrepreneurs, Business Owners And Internet Marketers.
  • Case Studies On How To Get 10X, 20X And Even More Than 30X What The Ads Cost.
  • The Three-Step Facebook Framework That Guarantees Success, (Even If You Slip Up A Little Like We Have)
  • Why Facebook’s Ad Platform Is The Easiest, Quickest And Safest Way To Succeed In Business If You Are A Business Owner Or Entrepreneur.
  • Real Life Case Sudy On How I Turned 5 Cent Into R1 700 000 Million In Less Than 9 Months By Using Facebook Ads.
  • New Facebook Ads Update That You MUST Know About!
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The Property R.U.L.E.R.S. Investment Principles

presented by Dr. Hannes Dreyer

How I Turned 5 Cents (In Less Than 9 Months)
Into A Passive Income Of More Than R23 Million
By Applying The R.U.L.E.R.S. PRINCIPLES
To A Property Investment…

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How To Get 1,000% Growth On Your Investment Webinar

presented by Dr. Hannes Dreyer

This Is What You Will Learn During The Webinar:

  • How the Formula For Riches works and how you can apply it to become financially free in less than five years… even if you know nothing about investments.
  • How to apply the Wealth Creators Strategy to secure at least 1,000% growth on your initial investment without taking any financial risks.
  • The Main reason (that no expert will share with you) why 99.76% of the citizens of South Africa over the age of 60 must survive on a passive income (like interest, dividends, pension or annuity income) of less than R25,000 per month… by the way, more than 76% of them receive an Old Age Grant from the government of just R1,500 per month
  • The power of the Formula For Riches and how I am going to apply it to turn a 5 cent investment into more than R1 MILLION in less than a year… I will show you step by step on how I am going to do it.
  • The biggest Financial Freedom Secret in the world and why the financial institutions and experts will do everything in their power to keep this secret from you.
  • Case study: How to apply The Formula For Riches to turn R1 into R64,483 in less than 20 minutes.
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Wealth Insights Training

with Dr. Hannes Dreyer

Wealth Insights Training 01

How To Eradicate Your Debt In Less than 7 Years

Wealth Insights Training 02

The Most Disruptive Retirement Model In The World!

Wealth Insights Training 03

The Two Power Habits Of Super Investors!

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